Hate it or love it, coffee is one of the most ubiquitous and heavily consumed beverages on the planet with it being available in over 230 countries including Vatican City. 2.25 BILLION cups are consumed around the world daily including the 6 that I drank while cramming this presentation! By my terrible and most definitely incorrect math, that's 2130 Olympic sized swimming pools!!!

Some Quick Fun Facts

-Coffee is the 2nd largest trade commodity with over 100 billion dollars per year of coffee being produced/consumed globally

-Coffee is actually a fruit (more on that next)

-In 1939 the Brazi funded it's team's trip to the Olympic Games in Los Angeles by sending their team with 50,000 packets of coffee beans that they sold in various ports that they stopped at along the way.

-Cream in your coffee helps it retail it's heat for 20 percent longer

-Coffee requires a tropical, sunny climate that has no presence of frost to grow in. Hawaii is the only US state that is able to grow coffee.

-Caffeine in plants acts as a natural pesticide. It paralyzes and kills insects that attempt to feed on them.

What is coffee and how was it discovered?

Coffee starts its life as a cherry and coffee "beans" are actually the seeds from the fruit. Although the flavor of the cherry varies based on the strain and climate it was grown in, it is said that they have a sweet and honey-like flavor.

Legend says that coffee was discovered by a goat herder in Ethiopia in the 1500s. He saw his goats eating coffee cherries. Afterward, he observed a change in their behavior; they gained a high amount of energy and they didn’t sleep at night. The herder shared his findings with local monks. After they made their own drink from coffee beans, they realized they could stay up all night and pray. It became widly used by monks in Eastern Africa and the Arabian Penninsula